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We do good by doing well.

Your purchase supports my passion, and you deserve full transparency about my values, my mission, and the causes that I support. I believe in creating a stronger domestic economy by using materials that are manufactured and distributed in the United States whenever possible. Every Mattey’s Mutts of Palm Springs small-breed dog and cat harness is lovingly hand-crafted in La Quinta, CA.

Mattey’s Mutts is proudly affiliated with Loving All Animals, a Palm Desert-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to join with other local and national Animal Welfare Organizations to maximize programs intended to stop the killing of adoptable animals.

I donate a portion of Mattey’s Mutts proceeds in memory of Mattey, my devoted companion of 14 years. She was a rescue dog who brought boundless joy into my world. Loving All Animals strives to do the same for other pets and pet parents through their three core services:


  • Mobile Mutts is an adoption program that rescues dogs from Inland Empire kill shelters and places them with foster families, where they eagerly await their forever homes. They offer low-cost or free pet retention and rehoming assistance to keep dogs out of shelters and off the streets.
  • Whiskers & Purrs promotes the welfare of local cats and kittens through a robust fostering program and TNR (trap, neuter/spay, vaccinate, and return) services for the feral population. This is the most humane long-term policy to reduce the population and decrease the need for shelters.
  • SOS Foster Program nurtures the vital link in the shelter-to-forever-home chain: foster families. This program focuses on recruiting seniors (but welcomes caregivers of all ages) to provide loving temporary homes for rescued cats and dogs. They provide training, supply food, and cover all veterinary expenses.


In 2018, Loving All Animals opened its own shelter, enabling it to increase its capacity to rescue and place at-risk cats and dogs with forever homes. They couldn’t do this work without our help. Learn more about Loving All Animals’ efforts to promote a No-Kill Coachella Valley or donate directly.

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