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Evanne “Ev” Levin

In January 2018 I held my first event showcasing what would become a larger collection of Pet Vests with easy-lift handles under the name Mattey’s Mutts. We sold strictly at events such as the Village Fest Street Fair in the heart of Downtown Palm Springs,  College of the Desert "COD" occasional Saturdays, and local events benefiting various local nonprofits, in each case donating a portion of proceeds to a local rescue group.   2019 has been a whirlwind year.!  In January 2019 I began re-branding as Mattey’s Mutts of Palm Springs to reflect the relationship between our trendy, premium quality,...

SIX Late Summertime Tips from Mattey (Tibetan Terrier)

Evanne “Ev” Levin

HEAR YE HEAR YE! Gather ‘round to hear my important DO’S AND DON’T’S to protect my 4-legged furry relatives during the warmest months.  This should be “old news” but I whimper knowing that many pet parents aren’t informed or forget about these simple but critical guidelines to follow.  This applies even in coastal areas where the ground and car interiors reach temperatures 20° and more above the air temperature. Please do these, and BARK them to other pet owners by posting or forwarding this cautionary ‘tail’.   1. SUNBURN - Did you know that dogs and cats can get sunburned, especially those...


Evanne “Ev” Levin

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Here you will find interesting, amusing and helpful tidbits ranging from tips about behavior, food, peculiar habits, genetics, health, psychology, and whatever else I am inspired by and think my audience will enjoy learning. None will take more than a couple of minutes to read! As a Mattey’s Mutts of Palm Springs (sometimes Mattey’s Mutts or MM as shorthand) pet vest owner or follower, most of you already know that a harness (I call mine vests since they are free of buckles or straps, and also a clothing item), is recommended over a collar for walking your dog. But do...