NEW! FREE Velcro patch

Evanne “Ev” Levin

NEW! FREE Velcro patch to cover exposed portion of neck/belly Velcro fasteners for long-haired breeds!

We heard you!  Some customers that love our pet vests have expressed concern about purchasing them for their long-haired breeds where their coat might catch on the Velcro if the adjustable fasteners do not overlap completely (depending on your furry friend’s measurements).  We are always seeking to meet your needs, so came up with the perfect solution! 


We will happily include at NO COST, a strip of Velcro in a color matching the Velcro used in your selected pet vest.  Simply trim to desired size, press it down over the exposed portion of the Velcro, and you’re done! No more than about an inch of Velcro should be exposed and used with the patch. If the neck and belly cannot overlap that much, exchange for one size up. We want to be sure that your furry friend is secure with enough Overlapping Velcro. No exposed Velcro to snag your fur babies flowing locks! Not needed for shorter coats whether natural or groomed that way.  Be sure to CHECK THE BOX  in your "Cart" to receive the strips with your purchase.

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