Spring Activity Ideas for You & Your Furry Friend

Look no further for dog-friendly activities this Spring: We’ve compiled a quick list of the best ways to spend time with your four-legged buddy!

As the weather warms up and reopening continues, it’s the perfect time to get outside and try something new with your pet. To keep your small dog (or cat) safe at all times on outdoor adventures, choose one of our custom pet vests for the perfect fit and peace of mind. All vests feature our signature easy-lift handle, allowing you to easily lift your pooch out of potential harms way. 

Why Should I Spend More Time with My Pet?

Spending quality time with your pet is beneficial all around: It’s good for your health and theirs! The National Institute of Health reports that animal interaction can decrease cortisol levels, a hormone directly linked with stress, and that pets also have the power to lower blood pressure! Additional studies show findings that animals offer mood-boosting benefits and social support for their owners as well.

Ready for our list of spring activity ideas for you and your dog? These excursions will have your pup saying “Ready, VEST, Go!”

1: Start Spring Cleaning in Style

Before you head out the door, spring cleaning is key to keeping human and pet allergies at bay. Vacuuming pet hair, cleaning air filters, delinting clothes and washing pet beds are all great ways to hit reset and start fresh in your household. 

Once you’ve conquered indoor cleaning, outdoor maintenance is also essential to making sure your pet doesn’t find any harmful objects in the front yard or backyard. Mowing, leaf-blowing, and trimming foliage can all contribute to keeping your pet terrain in perfect playtime condition: Make sure you can always find your pet while cleaning outside by choosing a colorful pet vest from our collection!

2: Spend Time in Nature

Exercise is another activity that benefits you and your furry friend in major ways: With up to 50% of U.S. dogs suffering from a weight issue, taking the time to increase your pup’s joint flexibility and stamina will keep them lively for years to come. Don’t ignore the opportunity to have fun outside together while also improving your health! Suit up your sidekick in a tailored pet vest to stay in control on hiking trails using our vests’ easy-lift top handle. It’s easily washable too!

Traditional pet harnesses can be ill-fitting on small dogs, or made of low-quality material that causes irritation and chafing. Choosing comfortable and durable pet gear will allow both you and your pet to move freely while spending time outside: We recommend a custom-fitted dog harness made of high quality material for the greatest return on your inVESTment! 

3: Have An At-Home Spa Day

Add some fun to at-home grooming by creating a spa day! Treat yourself and your pup to cucumber slices (safe to eat!) and some R&R. Light massages, calming music, and laying a damp cloth on your dog are all tried-and-true ways to help your furry friend unwind and sit still. While your pup is relaxing, knock out a quick nail trim by popping a pet vest on and clipping away! The handle on our dog harnesses keeps your small dog under control to make grooming a breeze.

4: Paw-Some Playdates

Having a safe get-together with some four legged friends is another great way to spend the day! Dog parks, recreational sports fields and large public parks are all perfect places to meet up for a few hours of pup playtime.

Keep an eye on your dog from anywhere in the park with a vibrant vest: You can enjoy a walk in the park with friends while your dog socializes with other park puppies. For easy on-leash walking, just clip your leash to the sturdy D-ring on our vests and your good boy will be good to go!

5: Have Fun with Family

Let loved ones tucker your pet out before nap time! Socializing with different people teaches your dog to be docile in new situations and brings plenty of puppy cuteness to others. Invite little ones to interact with your pup safely by using a top-handle pet vest to stay in control of lunging, jumping, and pulling. Playtime has been perfected!

6: Take On the Town

Going for a stroll in a great neighborhood or downtown district allows you and your dog to explore new surroundings together. Choosing a pup-friendly restaurant can make for even more fun: But don’t forget your dog harness! Keeping your companion calm and close is easier than ever with a snug-fitting custom vest.

These activities will give you and your pet the opportunity to bond in new ways and experience new places as a team. In a custom pet vest, your dog is ready to take on any exciting day. 

Check out our collection of indoor/outdoor vests for comfortable and durable pieces that will keep your dog safe all day!

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