Reasons Why Your Dog Has to Sleep Touching You • Part One

Evanne “Ev” Levin


From Bodhi’s Dog Bed  

What is it that drives your fur baby to not only beat you to bed, but to insist on making body contact, no matter the size of the bed?

Take it from me, I know, because I do this with my mom, and so does my bro, Chagall. And just about every other pooch pal I know that can sleep with their food-source (owner).

It goes something like this. 

Descended from wolves, we share a natural instinct to sleep close to our “parent”. Back in the day our ancestors grew up in ‘dens’ (not the kind with a TV but equally cozy). It provided consistent, reliable shelter and could be easily guarded since enclosed on 3 sides.  We pups could feel more secure even when our folks went out food-sourcing.  We, like they, are inherently social animals, seeking social contact.  Fast forward to today and our 4-legged descendants consider (well, we don’t exactly evaluate it) your bedroom like a wolf den.

OK, so we’ve got the whole bed. Why am I opting to be either touching or very close when I could sprawl out in that nice open space in the middle or at the foot of the bed?  Blame it on my DNA!  My distant wolf-ancestors didn’t have the luxury of indoor heating or cute pet throws, so the pups huddled together for warmth, and against mama all night. Even after big enough to start venturing outside the den they sought the comfort and softness of another body.  Like mama wolf, your bed is irresistibly soft and comfortable, complete with your body heat. If you were me, would you deny yourself?

And my mom (she was Mattey’s mom, too, long before me), has made the coolest, most comfortable pet vests that help make us feel safe and secure.  Chagall, our playmates and I wear ours 24/7! You can get yours too at

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