Reasons Why Your Dog Has to Sleep Touching You • Part Two

Evanne “Ev” Levin

From Bodhi’s Dog Bed  

FIRST: Have you already read Part One of My Bedtime Blog? You'll want to start there before continuing with this half! Read now.


Why Do I choose Mom over Dad to sleep close to?

I can’t help it, when Mom is around, I choose her over Dad. It’s simple. She plays with me and Chagall more, yells at us less, and we like her scent better. Turns out we canines have a very good sense of smell and can discern elements of fragrances we wear and chemicals that our glands release.  We’re gifted in reading body language, too, and sometimes one parent has more inviting body language. Kinda like choosing between someone with their arms open vs. crossed. Ya know, like which one are people more likely to approach?


So, where on the bed do my pals like to hang out?

Here’s where my bro, Chagall, a poodle mix, and I, a Shih-tzu mix, part ways.  Unless I am too warm and want to lay on my back, legs up (exposing my less-furry belly side to the air), I’m a real cuddler. Curled spoon style on top of, or sometimes under the sheet, I’m happy as a clam (or in this case, canine).  Chagall is a foot or middle of the bed type, opting to be close but not engulfed. The foot of the bed offers a strategic defensive position just as facing the face of the cave might be. And some of my buddies tell me they don’t like the feeling of confinement but still feel protected being nearby on the bed.

Dog sleeping positions – I have a few, depending on my mood and the weather. How many can you count that your Fido uses? It’s not just about comfort. This might also explain why.

Cuddled between legs - Speaking for myself, I’m in pooch paradise, feeling comfortable, secure and safe huddled next to Mom and her body warmth. But some of my less secure pals do this to hide their underbelly parts most vulnerable to injury while providing warmth.

Under the blanket – I’m cold, or just like the feeling of being privileged enough to be invited into your tent. And it’s oh-so-cozy!

On back, paws in the air – We are likely looking for a cooler sleeping position, exposing our less-furry parts.  Again, some of my kindred spirits are too uptight to be this vulnerable as our DNA may message that this is a difficult position to defend from an aggressor.  Once asleep they may assume this position because their guard is down.

On Your Neck/Face – Aw come on, you know you love it! We usually graduate from this position once past puppydom when we’re clueless about being cautious so near to teeth (yes, yours later may be associated with aggressive animals), and there’s no such thing as ‘too close for comfort’!

On Your Pillow – Yep, no sooner do you leave your bed than there we are! Simple. The pillow is cushier than the mattress, and it has your scent. Our brain pleasure centers are stimulated by our owner’s scent, just like your perfume releases endorphins when your honey gets a whiff (unless you ‘bathe’ in it or it’s too intense. Best to shelf or re-gift that one).  Mom had a friend who doused herself with Opium & I couldn’t get far enough away…

Under the bed – Sleeping, relaxing, or hiding?  My BFF Chagall loves to disappear here regularly, especially since a recent move and there is new carpeting. He curls up in a small, dark space unreserved for luggage & a host of “they don’t know where else to put it” stuff.  If your fur baby does this, it could be a) it’s a comfortable, peaceful spot for relaxing, b) hiding from stressful situations, whether loud noises (thunder) or family quarrels (yep, we are sensitive to our owner’s moods) and seek to alleviate our anxiety or fear, or c) she is experiencing body aches and pains and seeking a safe sanctuary.  You may need to try to figure out which is the reason for your 4-legged canine’s underbed behavior, and if it’s a new behavior and has become habitual, it may be that a visit to the vet (for him) or to a therapist (for you for anger management) is in order. And a visit to where you can select a comfy, convenient, safe premium pet vest in 5 sizes and many patterns, might be “just what the doctor (vet) ordered” to make him/her feel more secure.


Mom says she’d love to hear how your fur baby sleeps with you and see pictures!  Please send her your pooch’s name, breed, gender & weight. Her team will pick and post their favorites and enter you into a drawing for one of their awesome easy-lift handle designs. Bonus points for sending a picture with your pal wearing one of our vests!  You can never have too many.  Summer is upon us, and with that, Chagall and I switched to our lighter-weight indoor-outdoor fabric until the Fall when we switch back to our Fleece.  Mom says if she sells enough soon, we will get new ones – howlingly cool!

Until next time –

Bodhi, for Mattey’s Musings

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