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As a Mattey’s Mutts of Palm Springs (sometimes Mattey’s Mutts or MM as shorthand) pet vest owner or follower, most of you already know that a harness (I call mine vests since they are free of buckles or straps, and also a clothing item), is recommended over a collar for walking your dog. But do you know why?  There are actually several reasons –

  1. Better control over your dog
  2. Discourages pulling, because it teaches your pooch that it doesn’t produce any positive outcome. With a collar, pulling moves the dog forward so she thinks she is making progress. The same action with a harness gets her nowhere, except maybe lifting their front legs into the air!
  3. Helps to stop him from jumping. You can pull your little fluff-ball off of people without fear of chocking him in the process.
  4. Ideal for small breeds who may get tangled in a leash or hurt their delicate tracheas as can occur if pulled on a leash attached to a collar.
  5. Keeps your curious dog ‘on track’.
  6. Is unlikely to come off accidentally as collars can when a dog pulls hard.
  7. MM’s easy-lift handle provides assistance to your 4-legged friend when needed to give him/her a boost.
  8. MM’s easy-lift handle also provides assistance to us owners, making it easier to reach, pick up & hold them without the temptation to pick them up by the collar. NO NO NO!


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